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It demonstrates that no matter how many times we regress, relapse, or revert to old sins, God stands ready to welcome back His sons and daughters as a loving heavenly Father.

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Will I know people in heaven? What will I do in heaven?

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In the last days, Christians will face apostasy; a falling away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. False teachings will secretly inject their poison into the church in order to distort the saving message of Christ and derail the work of God.

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James Dobson talks about how men and women differ, how they complement each other, and how understanding these truths is key to enjoying a successful, intimate, long lasting marriage. However, these landscapes and cultures are important as we navigate Bible stories and concepts. You, God, and Your Marriag Dave and Ann Wilson with cohost Bob Lepine. God Meant it for Good, Par David Jeremiah. Purpose Prevails Paul Sheppard.

Andrew Farley. The Daily Planet Richard Ellis. Let All the Earth Be Silen Alistair Begg. Cultivating a Life of Fait Chip Ingram. Christian Parenting, Part Pastor Mike Fabarez. Naming The Spirit, Part Erwin W. Robert Jeffress. Flatline Jack Graham. The Hindrance of Revival Dr. Tony Evans. The Enriching Rewards of O Charles Stanley. The Prodigal Prophet Greg Laurie. You've Got Issues, We've G Dawson McAllister.

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Discerning the Times Jan Markell. The Kingdom of God, Part 2 Dr. Ed Young. Sabbath Rest, Part 1 How Pastor David Chadwick. Adding the Spices: Applyin I know a lot of kids who play piano or whatever, but you guys ROCK. Thank you, Knives. But it might be cool if cool people wore our T-shirt. SCOTT I hearted them too until they signed to a major label and the singer turned into a total bitch and ruined my life. But that's just me. Do you read her blog? I've never gone out with someone so talented. Knives blushes and looks at the ground. Scott hugs her.

Can I come in? They literally walk across the street to a small house. Wind blows. The light snowfall turns into sand Scott wanders alone through a barren land. He falls to his knees next to a lonely cactus. She wears fishnets, an army jacket, skirt and goggles. Her pink hair is funky but cool. She is hotter than the desert sun. You're just having some idiotic dream.

But she's gone Wallace wakes up to the left of Scott, rubbing his eyes. Color me not interested. It was somebody new Other Scott goes back to sleep.


Wallace rubs his eyes. It's like, six in the morning.

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Scott opens the bathroom door. Sunlight ignites the room. He carries a stack of books for Knives. Let's talk about something else. The hiss of ball bearings catches Scott's attention. CA to the librarian. Scott's gaze follows the GIRL as she blades out of the library. Pensive guitar underscores his thoughts.