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Re Blind Passion - Anne Mather keeps it all in the family again with this seekrit baby story and interestingly, most of this one is in the POV of the H. This one starts with our H living life as an international merchant banker on Bermuda. We learn that he has a meddling younger sister who never married cause she took over running the house and things at 16 when their parents died. Then the H married young to a woman who eventually left him for an American football player when their son was 11 y Re Blind Passion - Anne Mather keeps it all in the family again with this seekrit baby story and interestingly, most of this one is in the POV of the H.

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Then the H married young to a woman who eventually left him for an American football player when their son was 11 yrs old. Now the son is 22 or so and in a rock band in England. The H admits he has over-indulged the son a bit, the young man has an allowance and pretty much does as he pleases - he is a bit spoiled. Now the son is popping over from England for a visit and bringing a girlfriend.

The H's sister, on the other hand, has just opened an art gallery and wants the H to forbid the son to attend her big gallery opening. The H's sister is a bit heavy for some reason AM repeatedly emphasizes this and has never married. There was plenty of tension between the H's first wife and the sister and the sister felt exiled from her home when the marriage was active, she moved out for a long time and only came back when the marriage was over. So the H now feels guilty and agrees that he will keep the son away to prevent him from either riling up his aunt, whom he doesn't like because of her meddling ways, or from stealing the spot light with his rock star status at his sister's big gallery opening showcasing her latest artistic discovery.

The H's sister is heavily involved with the male artist that the H fears is just using his sister, but she has a mind and a formidable will of her own, so the H just lets her do her thing in the hopes of a stress free life.

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The sister also doesn't approve of the many girlfriend's the son has brought home, she feels that the young man goes out of his way to cause inappropriate scenes with the ladies to deliberately embarrass her. The H doesn't like it either, but he is smart enough not to torture or lecture his son about his behavior as it just spurs him on.

So the son arrives with the girlfriend and the H can't figure out why she is so familiar yet very cold and distant towards him. Then we get the POV of the h and she just got the shock of her life. The h is 26 and has a nine year old daughter. The H, who is her boyfriend's father, is also her first lover and her baby daddy.

The H and h met at an art gallery where the h was working as a hire for the night waitress when she was There was an unfortunate dousing in champagne incident with one of the wealthy patronesses of the gallery when the woman ran into the h and then blamed her for the mishap.

Blind Passion

The h did not look 16, she looked older and the H was 31 or so and in the process of divorcing his wife. The H helped the h pick up the mess from the smashed tray and then gave her a ride after she left in tears from being dismissed. Things took a turn towards instant passion on the ride home and the H ends up lurving it up with the h in his hotel room instead of sending her off home, he thinks she is in college.

The h lost her unicorn grooming status and then the H had to go the United States to fight his ex wife for custody of his son. When he returned a few months later to find the h, she had disappeared and he was unable to locate her. The h waited for six weeks for the H to return, then she had to tell her parents that she was preggers and she refused to name the father.

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Her parent's helped her out with child care and money and then the h met the H's son and they started a dating but not lurve clubbing relationship. They were thinking about moving things to the next level when the H's son wanted her to meet his dad and see the family home in Bermuda and that is where we are at when the book started. Flashback over, the h is at first scared and then thankful that the H doesn't seem to recognize her. She is terrified that the H will want to take custody of her daughter, so she doesn't tell the son or the H that he is a dad.

Things get even worse when the son manipulates the h into going to his aunt's gallery opening and the H's sister gets very huffy about that. Tensions are running high and the atmosphere is very volatile. Then the H gets the h out on his yacht when the sister and the son are busy doing other things and after a roofie kiss or two, he finally recognizes who she is. The h wants to just forget anything ever happened and still keeps the H's fatherhood a secret, but the H's sister is getting more upset over the son and the h and the H is having a very hard time keeping his lips off the h.

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The h keeps melting in a puddle of goo anytime the H looks at her and things finally come to big explosion when the son walks outside to see the H and h kissing up a storm. The h then breaks up with the son, after he confesses he was seeing a bit on the side since the h wasn't putting out and the h returns to England.

A few weeks later the H shows up and finally realizes that the h's daughter is his child. They have some arguments and the little girl seems to like the H, but the h's mum isn't too happy about meeting the man who she considers despoiled her daughter. The h explains that she was only 16 when she and the H got together the first time and the H is in shock, but he is madly in love with the h and she is just as mad about him back. They lurve it up a bit and then decide to marry and the H realizes that his son figured out the whole thing before the H did, but he seems to be ok with everything as he has more lady buffet samples than ever and the H's sister moved to America with her artist.

We leave the h and H happily married splitting their time between Bermuda and England and expecting another baby for the HEA. This book is well written, but even 20 odd years ago I was kinda icked out at a 16 yr old with a 30 something man. I did like the H POV dominating the book tho and it was really clear that the H had no clue about the h's age or that she had been left in a family way.

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He did try to find her and I believed he loved her, so in terms of a different kind HP trainwreck with the H in the spotlight over the h, you could probably have a pretty good HPlandia outing with this one. View all 3 comments. This was one of the more problematic mills and boons. The backstory part makes the hero sound both deeply unpleasant, and, unforgivably for this genre, rubbish in bed.

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