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President Franklin Roosevelt, harkening back to George Washington's farewell address, promised Americans that the nation would remain "unentangled. The U.

Poland-Israel Feud Reignites over Holocaust Restitution Idea

Hindsight tells us that preparing for and fighting in World War II lifted the country out of the Depression, but polling reveals much more pessimism about the prospects for the war before the U. Even in July , as the majority of Americans believed U. Americans remained reluctant to go to war against Nazism partly because of the lessons they took away from intervening in World War I, when some , Americans were killed.

Even in , with all of Europe at war and the U.

The Holocaust - The National Archives

Roosevelt took to the airwaves that week either to reinforce or to follow public opinion, declaring that the U. All of this concern about the economy and the desire to avoid getting entangled in world affairs -- particularly another European war -- almost certainly played a part in Americans' reluctance to favor bringing Jewish refugees into the country. A final piece of important context: In , it was not yet clear to anyone that Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews within its own borders would lead to the mass murder of Jews throughout all of Europe.

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The Nazi regime itself still had not devised that plan at Kristallnacht; murder would become Germany's "Final Solution to the Jewish question" in Even during World War II, as the American public started to realize that the rumors of mass murder in death camps were true, they struggled to grasp the vast scale and scope of the crime. In November , well over 5 million Jews had been murdered by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Only with the benefit of hindsight can we connect dots that many Americans could not have at the time. And yet, the stark contrast of these two November polls, revealing the troubling gap between disapproval of Nazism and willingness to admit refugees, continues to resonate.

These findings not only shine a disturbing light on Americans' responses to atrocities during the Holocaust but also are consistent with polls conducted since. A Gallup poll just after the war still showed solid opposition to allowing European refugees fleeing their war-torn continent to come to the United States, and Gallup polls in the decades since have shown Americans' continuing reluctance to accept refugees from other nations. Daniel Greene is a historian at the U. Frank Newport is a Gallup senior scientist.

Poland’s president to sign Holocaust bill, defying critics

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Seventy-five years ago, Americans nearly unanimously supported the U. Americans in broadly supported a U. Highly religious Americans, Jews and evangelical Protestants remain much more sympathetic to Israel than others in the U.

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    The night of shattered glass

    Polling Matters. Please refresh the page and retry. P oland's senate on Thursday passed a controversial Holocaust bill, which was designed to defend the country's image abroad but has instead sparked a diplomatic row with Israel. Israel had earlier called for the bill to be dropped, seeing one of its provisions as an attempt to deny Polish involvement in Nazi Germany's extermination of Jews. The lower house of parliament, which like the senate is controlled by the governing right-wing Law and Justice PiS party, had passed the bill on Friday - triggering the protest from abroad.

    Poland passes controversial Holocaust bill making it illegal to refer to Nazi death camps as Polish

    Knesset lawmakers penned a proposed bill of their own Wednesday amending Israel's law regarding Holocaust denial, so that diminishing or denying the role of those who aided the Nazis in crimes against Jews would be punishable with jail. B efore the vote on the Polish bill, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert expressed "concern" that "if enacted this draft legislation could undermine free speech and academic discourse".

    T o take effect, the legislation still needs to be signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda, who has 21 days to do so. In theory he could veto the bill but on Monday he said: "We absolutely can't back down, we have the right to defend the historical truth.

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    He added that he was "flabbergasted" by Israel's "violent and very unfavourable reaction".