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So, my mind got to work, looking to build hope out of the situation in order to sustain me, to keep any nihilism at bay. My mind decided that because my grandfather was now deprived of his ability to hope and aspire in his own life, it was important for me to carry on hope and aspiration in his honor. And it worked!

For a short while, his death infused otherwise banal and empty experiences with import and meaning. And that meaning gave me hope. You tell yourself you will use your life to celebrate his. You tell yourself that this is an important and good thing. I walked around imagining that my grandfather was following me, like a really nosy ghost, constantly looking over my shoulder.

This man whom I barely knew when he was alive was now somehow extremely concerned with how I did on my calculus exam. It was totally irrational. And we must keep these hope narratives alive, all the time, even if they become unreasonable or destructive, as they are the only stabilizing force protecting our minds from the Uncomfortable Truth.

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These hope narratives are then what give our lives a sense of purpose. This is why a lot of people flock to religion because religions acknowledge this permanent state of unknowing and demands faith in the face of it. This is also probably partly why religious people suffer from depression and commit suicide in far fewer numbers than nonreligious people: that practiced faith protects them from the Uncomfortable Truth.

They can be anything. This book is my little source of hope. It gives me purpose; it gives me meaning. Do I know that for sure?


It gets me up in the morning and gets me excited about my life. Day after day, year after year, our lives are made up of the endless overlapping of these hope narratives. They are the psychological carrot at the end of the stick. This book is not an argument for nihilism. It is one against nihilism—both the nihilism within us and the growing sense of nihilism that seems to emerge with the modern world. You must start at the Uncomfortable Truth. From there, you must slowly build a convincing case for hope.

And not just any hope, but a sustainable, benevolent form of hope. A hope that can bring us together rather than tear us apart. A hope that is robust and powerful, yet still grounded in reason and reality. A hope that can carry us to the end of our days with a sense of gratitude and satisfaction.


This is not easy to do obviously. Nihilism and the pure indulgence of desire that accompanies it are gripping the modern world. It had a little door, with a four or five inch crack, and I could see everybody through there. John gave me a great credit on the album. It was all good vibes when we were making Imagine. Everybody was really happy.

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And when everybody is happy in a studio, the happiness comes through the music — and there is a lot of great music on that album. We ran through the song once or twice, all very simple and natural. Tommy suggested a significant chord — a minor 9th or 6th. Yoko suggested it needed an intro, which Nicky played so beautifully. Diana Robertson secretary : While the Imagine sessions were going on, I remember everyone working very hard, staying up all up all night, making food — we were all so busy. People were practically in tears, it was just so lovely, so pure.

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  • I feel very privileged to have been there on that day. At first you tend to strangle each other a bit, because you have so little as a child, I think. Once you find it, you want to hang on to it. You grab it so much, you tend to kill it. Yoko: And if you see Veronica Lake in the morning she probably looks like Maggie! The point is to believe in that celluloid world so much that you think that that world is real and your world is shitty. So that the partners always try to make each other worried, always to keep them on their toes, that kind of trick.

    So I think the understanding of love in this society is so important, the right understanding. Then things will be better. Direct not to your family, direct not to your friends. Transform the energy to admiration and what you admire will become part of your life. I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically. Any woman. I was a hitter.

    I fought men and I hit women. That is why I am always on about peace, you see. It is the most violent people who go for love and peace. But I sincerely believe in love and peace. I am a violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence. I will have to be a lot older before I can face in public how I treated women as a youngster. Yoko: We would argue, of course.

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    We were two very temperamental, very emotional, people. Friends and lovers, musicians and artists, man and woman, husband and wife.

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    That was part of our communication. The book comes with a free download of three of these songs as well as three spiritual instrumental tracks. His relaxing instrumental music features a unique technique of playing two recorders renaissance flutes in harmony at one time.

    Over 10, massage therapists, spas, healing centers, and hospitals all over the world use his instrumental music every day to help people find peace in this stressful world. Is that possible? See for yourself.

    See a Problem?

    Such a drastically different perspective would no doubt change the way we see not only ourselves, but also our place in the infinite realm of the universe. Such is the central premise of The Collapse of Materialism. Comella paints the compelling picture of life as a purposeful, directed means to an end. In pursuit of that mission, he spent thirty years studying the foundational ideas to our current scientific worldview and developing the arguments made in this book. Patti Conklin believes that when the universe began, a cacophony of tones, which we now identify as frequency, echoed throughout the universe, and they were both chaotic and highly ordered.

    This book is about how we can use that knowledge to impact our physical lives. Patti Conklin has learned that everything in the universe has a frequency, and that quantum physics goes hand in hand with metaphysics, even though we are taught that the two are separate. We are all made up of particles which vibrate, and these particles were created by a source.

    In her work as a healer, she has learned from the work of Bruce Lipton on cellular biology and Richard Gerber on vibrational medicine. She has developed a toolbox, a method to use the frequencies of light and sound to heal thousands of people. Here are numerous true examples of people who experience real changes in health, well-being, and spiritual transformation.