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Make a list of family activities in the area of cafes, parks, museums and galleries. Take note of their phone number, address and cost.

Print off your findings and pack it in your luggage. Then you can explore your area but you have an idea of what you could do. Get your children involved in the research. Teach your children a couple of phrases if a different language is spoken in the country you are visiting.

Look at pictures of where you are going and discuss what they think about it. Fun on the run!

Taking Liberties – An Irishwoman’s Diary on Dublin’s Dubbiest Dubs

Buy some games and books to play on the move to keep everyone occupied. These fun card games are really easy to learn and are great fun for all the family. Sushi - go had the added benefit of making my children want to eat sushi a good game to pack if you are travelling to Japan.

Dobble is a silly fast paced fun that is addictive but in all the excitement. Up, up and away! If you are flying, your holiday begins at the airport. Avoid tears and tantrums by doing some research before you go.

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Airports can be a fun family destination in there own right. Find out if the airport has an indoor play area, and what level these are on. Plan your airport adventure, split it into playtime, stop for a drink and snack, find a bookshop and buy a book for the journey and then head to the gate.

Always allow plenty of time to get to the gate in larger airports you may have to catch a bus or a train just to get to your gate. Running for. What is something you would never want? If you were a professional wrestler what would your ring name be? Allowing you a window into how your children see the world which can be both eye opening and very funny!

Keep it simple Before I had children, my holiday was all about seeing the sights and cramming as much in as I could. With children, these expectations have to be adjusted. We keep activities for the morning when our children are at their best. This is when you can go for that scenic walk, do some sightseeing or visit a museum. We tend to book hotels with swimming pools or on the beach so we still feel like we are doing something, even if it just building a sandcastle on the beach.

Nifty tricks We love walking as a family, and on holiday exploring on foot can be a great way to experience a place.

Make the stroll around a new area much more exciting for the children by Geocaching www. This is like a grown up treasure hunt. There are 2 million Geocache hidden all over the world.

Where to Go

Just download their App before your holiday. Once you find it difficulty levels vary sign the logbook, which will be with the geocache, and sometimes you can even trade small nick knacks like a key ring etc. This revolutionised our walking experience, and rather than plodding at the back our children now bound ahead! If you have no Internet where you are going Fitbits are great to start a bit of family competition on who can do the most steps in a day. And trust me the toddler always wins! It may also give you discounts to local companies and a heads up to any local festivals that may be happening.

The magazines will also have an online version, if you want to do some research pre-trip. Strike a pose Holidays are generally in beautiful parts of the world and you should all be relaxed and happy … with a bit of a tan, …. Find out if there are any local photographers in the area and get some beautiful holiday memories snapped by a professional.

Where to Go

Have a location shoot at your villa, on the beach or when you are doing an activity all together. Family holiday shoots are becoming more popular and a great way to capture the memories of a fabulous holiday! At the end of April, the Independent Schools Council's Annual Census revealed that private schools now educate more international students abroad than they do in Britain. The number of pupils attending 'satellite' campuses set up by leading Independent Schools has, for the first time, outstripped the number of overseas students taught in the UK.

In , British private schools operate 59 campuses abroad, educating 31, pupils an increase from 46 campuses last year with 27, pupils. This year there were 27, pupils in ISC schools whose parents were from overseas.

So why is it that British schools, both in the UK and abroad, have proved to be so popular with overseas pupils and their parents? For over years, overseas pupils have enjoyed the benefits of a world class education. First and foremost, UK Independent Schools are renowned for their academic record and exceptionally high quality of education bringing about outstanding examination results, based on a broad and balanced curriculum, accompanied by rigorous assessment.

The average ratio in ISC member schools is one teacher for every 9. This means that every student can be well looked after, both academically and pastorally. It means that the learning environment is totally focused on the needs of individual students, with small. Secondly, the schools invest in both their teaching staff and their facilities. Up to date facilities in art, drama, information and technology, music and sport are often state of the art and having access to world class facilities produces outstanding results.

Finally, the schools will often have the traditions and ethos to address the needs of the students as individuals. The specifics of these traditions will vary from school to school but there will be a number of common themes such as the aim to develop the 'whole person' through an holistic belief; by instilling a social responsibility brought about by the promotion of such values as respect, thoughtfulness, kindness, mindfulness and generosity, whilst at the same time striving to create a rounded learning environment by encouraging self-expression, creativity and individuality in its.

An extended school day, along with the provision of a wide range of extra curricular activities, allow for individual interests and talents to be recognised and encouraged. This then in turn results in students fulfilling their unique potential while also building up each student's independence and confidence.

The heads of the leading British schools both in the UK and abroad would agree that their single most important role is to appoint outstanding members of staff - teachers who have a deep subject knowledge, and a determination to extend it through their teaching, reading and writing; teachers who are effective communicators of their learning; teachers who themselves are good learners; teachers who bring a cocurricular interest or talent to the school and finally teachers who have a well developed pastoral responsibility.

The best teachers are emotionally astute, intellectually curious and are great communicators.

Queen of the Oil Club: The Intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the Power of Information

The emphasis that is now placed on pastoral care and personal mentoring is perhaps the biggest difference between the schools of today and those of 30 years ago. UK Independent Schools were always academically successful, but today they pride themselves on being just as successful at assisting students with the social and emotional challenges that they face not only during their school careers but also in their adult lives.

This mission to think entrepreneurially has been picked up by an increasing number of schools. With business skills finding their way into broad based curriculums as industry leaders call for better quality workforces, the world of business has entered into both primary and secondary classrooms. By becoming involved in a plethora of entrepreneurial projects, students learn skills that they do not get the opportunity to gain elsewhere in the curriculum.

Students will develop their leadership, communication and teamwork aptitudes while at the same time they will grow as individuals who are confident, business minded and problem solvers. This award, set up by the entrepreneur and Old Etonian Brent Hoberman, challenges students to come up with product ideas, develop them and pitch them to investors. This same vision will be at the forefront of the Entrepreneurship Suite at the new Denla British School: this has been specifically designed to provide all students with a set of resources which will allow them to take part in real life business scenarios.

The 21st Century will present new challenges, new demands and as yet undreamed of opportunities, and the young of today must be equipped to respond. That vision will be met by providing an education that will develop intrinsic values of awareness, curiosity, optimism and resilience among its students in the years to come, along with a curriculum that will continue to evolve, meeting the need to fully captivate each student, their creative minds, their emotions and their character.

The hallmark of the UK Independent education system has been this ability to evolve, to meet new challenges as they appear, and explains why it has proved to be so popular with overseas families, and why we will continue to see more and more British private schools opening abroad in the future.

My inspiration for life adventure came from my father. He was an engineering fitter from Sheffield, but in the s - a time when international travel was a relative rarity - he took a job in Mexico. I remember receiving airmail letters in which he included drawings of sailfish and Aztec ruins which, as a young boy, filled me with a sense of wonder. As an adult, travel became a real passion. During the school holidays, myself and my wife Carol would jump on a plane from England to spend weeks at a time travelling to the Caribbean or Mexico, or driving around the USA and camping in its National Parks.

Teaching positions in San Diego and Houston followed, and when we did move back to England with three young children, almost immediately the urge to move on, to experience something different, hit us once more. Bangkok was a world away from all of our western experiences, and despite my wife having just, once again, picked up her own career path. Our first contract was for two years, but 12 years later we are still here. I knew that I had come to the right place when I first proved the quadratic formula to my class and got a round of applause!

Our youngest, Jacob, was a tow head blonde who drew a lot of attention, and quickly took to riding my shoulders through our condo and shopping malls. Nevertheless, I think we were helped by the sheer business of life here; it was so hectic and so different that we quickly became totally immersed in our new lives.

What Are The Best Countries For Expats?

It turned out that costumes and props were needed for all sorts of celebrations both at school and at our condo floating krathongs on the. In a city that was entirely new to us, having to source outfits ranging from Ring Wraiths to Ricky Ricotta, and pirates to Zeus, was a challenge that many parents will empathise with. Throughout all of this however, was the reassurance and stability of working in a fantastic school with the boys still receiving a British education grounded in the English National Curriculum.

And it is why we have been here for so long. Sam made great friends with students of every nationality during his time here, but especially with Thais.